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SchoolInsight Plus

About the Project

SchoolInsight Plus is an online cloud based software that will effiently manage day-to-day activities of your organization/school.

Managing any educational institute is not a piece of cake. Managing students, staff, timetable, exams, class test, attendance, fees collection, accounts, etc. It does not end here Parents are always worried about their child's performance and they need satisfaction. They care about their child's academic statics. Moreover, we have seen schools using huge registers to mark the attendance of their students and staff. And we have also seen that schools manage their admission, exams data, class tests data, etc, manually. We know it takes a lot of time and is very difficult to manage.

Well! it's time to put check on these worries. eSkooly presents you a free online school management software to make conventional tasks easier. This is the one-stop solution to manage, track and record everything within your school or organization

  • Automated Administrative Workflows

  • Integrated Communication Tools

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  • Robust Reporting and Analytics

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  • Financial Management and Transparency

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